Long time no blogging

Hey everyone out there in the blogging world. I haven’t posted anything in a long time. Life has gotten pretty busy lately. Me and S have butted heads a few times, which has made work extra hard. I am once again in search of a new daycare for my son. Its a very long story, but basically my son has come home with bite marks and a chuck missing from his nose and she can’t tell me how it happened. Also my son has some sensory issues and she isn’t willing to work with him. I have found some ways to help him while he is there but it has been tough, since she won’t help. This morning my son cried in protest about going to her house. I felt so bad, but I didn’t have another place to take him. He ended up having a good day but I just felt so bad. I really need to find another place soon or my son is really going to have a fit.  So wish me luck. I hope to try and post more often.


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