Time flies when your having fun

Wow I’m doing a good job at neglecting blog. I have been so busy I haven’t had time to post anything.
Yesterday was not a good day however. I returned home after a long day a work to find power Had been shut off. How can this be? I paid the bill. Since the power company was closed there was nothing I could do. I called my parents and they said come on over and you can stay with us. So I crammed clothes for and my son in a bag and it was off to my parents house.
I arrive and my my starts giving me the third degree. What happened? Are you sure you paid the bill? Don’t lie to me. The power got shut off and yes I paid the bill and I am not lying to you.
We ate dinner in silence and then I gave my son a bath and tried to put him to bed. No luck. My son did not want to go sleep. The problem, he had to sleep in the same bed as me and something different than his room. After struggling for about an hour my son finally fell asleep and so did I.
I wake up this morning and my mom is still really mad me. I make it through the morning routine and get to work. On my break I called the power company and asked my power had been shut off. I paid my bill. Dafter a few minutes it turns out that when I paid it online the payment didn’t go through. They fixed the problem and said my power will be turned back on today sometime between 1-5pm. I had better have power when I get home. I refuse to stay with my parents all weekend. Well I hope every one has a great weekend. Wish me luck.


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