A person who listens

For the past few weeks my mom and I have been going to counciling together. At first I didn’t really want to go. But I figured it couldn’t hurt so I went any way.
Truth be told my mom and I don’t really see eye on a lot of things. I tend to be a little more open and she tends not to be. Anyway, we go and meet this lady who’s name is A and A is a fairly nice women and has some pretty good ideas.
I have to mention that for some reason when I am around my mom I tend to act differently and say different things then when I’m not around her. I don’t know why I have always done it.
Ok back to what I was saying. So we are siting in A’s office on a slightly lumpy couch, me on one end and my mom in the other. A is siting across of us in an office chair and on one dude of the room there is a sand tray and little figures all lined up on a shelve. I am listening to A but my is wondering about the little figures and the sand. a must gave been reading my mind because she saids the figures are for sand traying. She goes on to explain that sand traying is a way to express yourself through sand and the figures are there to express how you are feeling in the moment.
A asked if we want to sand tray. My mom is all for it and I’m not quite sure. I get up and start looking at the figures. There are so many it takes me a few minutes to look at all them. Meanwhile, my mom quickly picks out two figures and puts in the sand. I stand there for a few more minutes and decide I’m going to pass and sit down. My mom continues placing figures and then sits down.
A starts talking again about the figures my mom has picked and I’m listening but soon realize I am not paying attention again. Damn it. I quickly stop day dreaming and pay attention just in time to hear A say times up.
I leave her office and go back work. Still thinking about the sand and figures. Maybe next time I will pick a figure to place in the sand.


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