Can you feel the tension?

I can I can. Tension is exactly what I felt when I walked into work today. My manager aka my mom was only talking to me because she had to. But I could tell she was still mad at me for what happened yesterday.
The other co worker who was standing there when me and S got into it barely spoke to me and only did so because she had to. But on the other hand I don’t think she likes me any way, but that is another story for another post.
Oh and did I mention that I am the only one that can answer the phones today. No, well let me tell you about that. There are four of us that sit up front and answer the phones and make appointments, check patients in and whatever else has to be done. It’s a small office so there are three desks near the entrance and one desk behind them. The three near the entrance not only answer the phones but check people in. The person behind is the one that answers most of the phone calls when the other three are checking patients in. Well I happen to sit in the back desk, so I answer a lot of phone calls usually not a big deal. But lately the thing to do is to let the phone ring until I answer it even if I am not sitting at my desk. The other three ladies will literally stare at the phone and then look at me like aren’t you going to answer that? It really gets on my nerves.
Anyway, the tension continued all day. And I still didn’t feel good from yesterday. I didn’t say much but I did go home at lunch and rest and then I ended going home early because I wasn’t feeling any better. So glad I have tomorrow off. I really need another job. This one is driving me crazy.


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