Time for a change

It’s time to find another job. I can’t take the double standards and the pettyness of my coworkers. I have only worked at my current job for a little over year and it has been a battle ever since then. I started just doing medical records once or twice a week, which was great because I didn’t have to deal with all the drama from the people answering the phones. I did the medical records for about 6 months when the business manager, my mom asked me if I wanted to move up into the front office and answer phones, which meant more money and more hours. I need more money so I said sure. At first everything was fine. I did my work and had fun doing it.

Then one day something went wrong. I honestly can’t remember what happened but it turned into a huge mess between me and my coworker S. There was many meetings between me,S and the doctors to try and figure out a solution to the problem. I don’t think we ever figure it out but some how we managed to move on. There has been tension between us that gets thicker and thicker every day.

I used to love going to work and now I hate it. I have started looking for a new job but living in such a small town it is really hard to find another job. People tend to work at their jobs for a long time because it hard to find something else unless you want to work retail or fast food, which I don’t want to do ever again. I hope to find a new job soon before I snap. Cuz if I snap I will get fired for sure. Wish me luck.


4 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. till you figure out your next move, I hope you can smile and act like nothing ever happened. Some co-workers
    like to feed off those negative vibes….don’t fall for it, and write all about her in your blog (lol)

    I heard great quote that “Our Ships come in on Calm Seas” so be thoughtful and focused on planning your next move, ( don’t come from a reactionary space)
    Sorry to sound like a know it all, but quitting in haste over petty stuff has never worked out well for me. ( and i’ve had a shit load of jobs including phones )

    best of luck!!!

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