Who am I and Why am I here?

It’s time for an introduction. Lets get to know each other. I will start. I am a single mother of a three almost four year old boy. He is what makes my day interesting. I work at a medical office answering phones and my mother is my boss, which makes for some good stories. Those will come later.

I was married once to my son’s father for almost two years and then things fell apart. I tried to fix things but he was interested. We were living in Southern California at the time, we are both from Washington State, so I moved home and since he was in the marines at the time he still had 3 months left of his contract before he could leave. When he left the Marines I told him I wanted a divorce and several months later we were divorced. I remember crying and laughing at the same time. I happy because the marriage was over but sad because it was over. I still wish things had been different but I wasn’t about to live a life where I wasn’t going to be happy.

My son and I live in a small town,with grandparents close by and we like here. I grew up in the same small town, and I figured it was a good place to raise my son. My son is developmentally challenged. He is behind on speech, motor skills and other skills for which “normal” developmental three year old’s take for granted. He attends a developmental preschool to help him with his speech,motor skills and other skills. He has come along ways but still has so much longer to go.

When my son was really little was also very sick. He was born a month early and spent two weeks in the NICU,it might have only been two weeks but it might as well have been two months. It felt like forever. He was only out of hospital for a short time before he had to return, due to GERD . He spent a week then. After that my son continued to have several medical problems. He is doing much better now but every time he gets sick I worry its something else and freak out. We are both learning to be better at not freaking out.

Now to the why am I here part. I started this blog to be able to share stories, ideas and random thoughts with people. I also want to be able to connect with people and maybe make some friends. Some things I may write about may range from stories about my son, stories about work or just random thoughts that pop into my head. I write whenever inspiration sparks. I hope you will stick around for the ride.


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